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Agriculture acts as the primary source of income for around half of the population, especially in India. Furthermore, Indian agricultural commodities greatly contribute to the world food trade which is enhancing every year. Nowadays, farmers could grab every opportunity along with varying government schemes and could easily fulfill their dreams. With the help of this, farmers could grab many benefits and could produce varying advanced quality commodities for supply in markets. But, what are these agro commodities?

The best advantage of agricultural commodities is that they are taken in use to feed a huge number of people across the world. Without the availability of agro commodities, the world would starve for food. This means that agro commodities are lucrative and highly demanding things for survival. If there would be no production of agro commodities, there would not be enough food to serve humanity, which would increase starvation and poverty. Ultimately, anything that can be grown or raised, including plants and animals, qualifies as an agricultural commodity.

Usually, agro commodities depict routine food that gets produced by farmers on the farms. Varying types of agro commodities include dairy, grains, livestock, and many others that could be consumed by consumers all over the world. Agriculture commodities, such as fruits, grains, vegetables, and cattle, are what we all need to survive.

Various agro commodities in India

India is widely known for its varying agricultural commodities and India comes under rich agricultural country. Here comes the list of various agro commodities that serve consumers all over the world.


In comparison to other agricultural products, rice is the one most consumed in India. White rice and brown rice are two types of rice that are mostly grown in the eastern and southern regions of India. The second-largest producer of rice in the world is India. In India, rice production is on the rise due to rising market demand.


Wheat is consumed and produced in a huge range, especially in India and the commodity is available in essential goods and is used almost every day in India. Wheat is an essential agro commodity that is highly rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins and is also included in a balanced diet. Wheat could be easily grown on various soils, especially in the northern region of India.


Corn is taken as the major staple diet along with an essential crop all over the world. This staple agro commodity is high in sucrose, but the commodity also includes varying other nutrients that can’t be ignored. Moreover, corn is taken as a cereal grain and is stuffed with complex carbohydrates. Corn could be taken into use in the production of various things such as flour, cooking oils, cornmeal, bread, snacks, and many other things. Furthermore, corn is enriched with carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and minerals and is used in varying ways.


Groundnut is an important agro commodity that could be available throughout the year. Groundnuts are popularly known as peanuts, are considered protein-rich agro commodities, and are taken into use in various ways. Groundnuts are specifically grown during the rainy season, and the commodity comes with varying flavored tastes such as crunchy, sweet, or nutty. Moreover, groundnut agro commodities are recommended for a healthy diet.

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