Porcelean Slabs

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Thin porcelain slabs, such as floor tile, wall tile, or countertops, are made to be put over already-existing surfaces. Unbelievably lightweight, they can be utilized in RVs, boats, and airplanes to simulate exquisite natural stone while weighing a quarter as much. The price of porcelain slabs is another advantage. Unlike natural marble, which can be expensive, this contemporary porcelain tile costs a fraction of what real stone does while still having an uncanny resemblance. Additionally, there are usually no seams to take away from its beauty because it is available in enormous slabs large enough to cover an entire kitchen island or to create a striking statement wall.

Benefits of Porcelain slabs

Full-size porcelain slabs are becoming more and more common in both traditional and contemporary homes, according to the design world! The product’s adaptability makes it ideal for a variety of tasks, including shower surrounds and fireplace design. Its benefits include-:

Range of thickness

Porcelain slabs are available in a range of thicknesses, from 6 to 12 mm. When compared to granite or quartz, this variety in thickness makes them an attractive product since it enables the product to be bonded to walls. Porcelain slabs can be manufactured in thinner thicknesses than granite or quartz slabs (granite and quartz slabs are approximately 1 34″ thick), which allows them to adhere to walls with less weight and side protrusion.


These slabs are lighter than granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite slabs and are normally 126″ broad by 63″ tall. Porcelain’s lighter weight compared to other natural and manmade stones make it possible to stick it to fireplace surrounding walls, and showers without running the additional risk of the stone’s weight.

Unique look

Porcelain is an engineered material, thus it is available in a range of hues, vein patterns, and finishes. Additionally, the necessity for grout lines in a bathroom renovation is decreased by employing a full-size porcelain slab. A single porcelain slab can frequently cover an entire shower wall instead of using 6″ × 3″ porcelain tiles to tile the shower. A variety of finishes are also available for porcelain, including high gloss, matte/honed, and textured.

Heat resistant & non-porous

Porcelain doesn’t require sealing, unlike natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite. Since it is a non-porous stone, it won’t absorb moisture and is very stain-resistant. Simply use a cloth and warm, soapy water to clean porcelain, being sure to dry it completely afterward. In hot spots like fireplaces and fireplace surrounds, porcelain can be used. In contrast to quartz, it can withstand a lot of heat.

Types of Porcelain slabs

Ceramic tiles are burnt at higher temperatures to produce porcelain tiles. The tiles become homogeneous, dense, and impenetrable as a result of the higher temperatures’ intense hardening. The slabs could be available in varying types-:

Matte porcelain tiles

Unglazed porcelain tiles are the unglazed versions of raw porcelain that are created after being baked and fired in the kiln. The tiles don’t need any additional care after being fired.

Glazed porcelain tiles

The porcelain tiles are given further care when they are fired and removed from the kiln by having a glazed finish put on them. The application of the glaze makes the tiles more durable and impermeable.

Polished porcelain tiles

After being cooked and removed from the kiln, porcelain tiles are polished. Polished porcelain tiles and glazed vitrified tiles are two different types of tiles with different manufacturing processes, thus they shouldn’t be confused.

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