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A container used to sow several seeds at once is a seed tray. Seedlings develop in the seed tray after germination until they are big enough to be transplanted. The number of seeds that can fit in a single seed tray ranges from 6 to over 1000! A container used to sow several seeds at once is called a seed tray. Sometimes a seed tray is referred to as a seed starting tray. It is simpler to water and move seeds and seedlings when using a seed tray. Using a seed tray, you can plant numerous seeds in one container. This makes transporting them and providing them with water considerably simpler. The seed tray keeps seedlings growing after they germinate until they are prepared for transplanting outdoors or into larger containers.

A gardening item called a seedling tray is made to keep many seeds from the germination stage until the seedlings are ready to be transplanted. By using such a tray, you can avoid having to sow seeds more than once and improve each seed’s nutrient access. Trays for starting seeds also aid in containing the seeds. Plastic is typically used for seed starting trays. Some include a dome to increase humidity levels, while others have heating pads to hasten germination rates. Clones or cuttings can be kept in seed starting trays.

Types of the seedling tray

There are varying types of a seed tray that includes:

Mesh seed tray

A mesh seed tray makes it simple for water to drain. The ideal seed tray for holding numerous separate containers is mesh (pots). The holes in a mesh seed tray are too big to keep soil without it dropping through or washing away when moistened, which is a disadvantage.

Solid seed tray along drainage holes

A sturdy seed tray with drainage holes enables sufficient drainage while preserving soil moisture for seed germination. For planting several seeds together in one location, a sturdy seed tray with drainage holes works ideal. The lack of distinct cells in the seedlings has the disadvantage that as they expand, their roots may entangle one another.

Solid seed tray without drainage holes

No drainage may occur in a solid seed tray without drainage holes. For holding a cell flat, a sturdy seedling tray without drainage holes works best (also called a plug flat). Since it can hold water, you can use it to collect extra moisture after watering seeds or to moisten from below.

Common plants grown in seed tray

These days, seedling containers are fashionable. These trays greatly simplify and improve the process of growing plants and veggies anywhere, including in your house. Currently, a seedling tray is required if you want to cultivate plants. The question of which plants can be grown successfully in a seedling tray remains, though. Of course, there are some restrictions owing to the size, platform, design, capacity, and other characteristics of the seedling trays. You can grow the following at home in your trays to enjoy the rewards and plants from homegrown plants.


One of the most practical plants you can grow in seedling trays is the tomato. Without having to take care of individual pots or plants, seedling trays let you germinate a lot of tomato seeds in a small area. Typically, tomatoes start producing after 50 days. Each seedling will quickly grow large, so be sure to provide adequate space between each one.

Radish and carrots

In seedling trays, you may grow carrots and radishes with ease. Consider purchasing trays that are at least 2 inches deep so you can plant the carrot seeds in the designated areas. Put two or more carrot seeds in each cell. Radishes can be grown in seedling trays like carrots because they don’t need much depth.


Indoor herbs grow swiftly and easily. You ought to think about using seedling trays for herbs. Place the seedling tray in a suitable area where it receives adequate light and heat. Start the process right away after placing the seeds in the cells.

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