Suction Hoses

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These types of hoses are also known as hard hoses and are semi-rigid hoses, created from very flexible PVC that encases rigid PVC helix. The hoses operate during negative pressure, which means these houses draw water from low-pressure water sources. A suction hose is required to withstand more tough situations, as its rigid exterior provides flexibility and also maintains the strength of its PVC makeup. Moreover, the hose’s smooth interior surface permits for much more effective suction. It is a special type of hose that is entirely used in drafting operations which uses a vacuum to draw water from some static source.

It is designed to withstand vacuum, instead of pressure, heat, and abrasion, and is connected to the pump’s suction side. In an emergency, water would have to be moved from one location to another using a suction hose. There are principally two instances of this. The first is when there is a fire because it requires a lot of water to extinguish it. The second is in the event of a flood, where enormous amounts of water must be removed as rapidly as possible from a specific location.

Material in hose

The entire line of suction and discharge hoses is made of PVC. Suction and discharge hoses need to be lightweight, flexible, and exceptionally durable. PVC is the perfect material to use for this purpose because it has all of these advantages.

The finished hose can be made to fit a variety of applications because PVC is a versatile material that can have some qualities added to it. Several characteristics that can be used to describe suction and delivery hoses include:


Flexible PVC hoses may be bent over storage hooks or hung over distances, making them easy to handle and store. In addition, the increased flexibility of Super Flexible PVC makes handling and movement incredibly simple.

Phthalate free

Chemicals called phthalates are mostly utilised to strengthen and increase the flexibility of PVC suction hose. It is not reach-approved since it is a persistent chemical with the potential to transfer to whatever is being transported through the hoses. Phthalate-free hoses are best for sectors like the food industry where the chemical transfer shouldn’t occur.

Odour resistivity

Since odour resistance is a key consideration for applications, such as sewage applications in the marina, boat, and caravan industries, an odour-resistant PVC hose is the best choice.

Suction hose types

These types of hose are available in varying sizes, ranging from 5/16-14 inches in diameter along with varying materials. Let’s dive into its types.

Rubber suction hose

This type of hose is an ideal option to use in construction, agriculture, and mining industries and is entirely suitable for seawater, water, and low slurry under both positive and negative pressures. This multipurpose hose is specifically designed for the delivery and suction of fertilizers and chemicals in agricultural and industrial applications.

Spiral suction hose

It is a type of hose that includes a rigid PVC helix along with a smooth tube and is ideal to use in various agriculture and industry applications for pumping. These types of houses are taken into use for water transportation from dams, wells, and tanks to fields. An ideal type of hose that could convey powder, liquid, and granular material.

Garden pipes

Garden pipes are now mostly made of PVC plastic. They were initially created using natural rubber, but producing and processing rubber is expensive. The pipes were heavy and difficult to move around and maintain. Rubber hoses were soon replaced with lightweight, inexpensive PVC garden pipes. Garden pipes are primarily used for lawn care, water transportation for gardening, and other purposes.

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