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These types of tiles add beauty and play a major role in wall protection from water damage and spills. Tiles enhance creativity and are available in varying shapes, sizes, materials, and colors that offer durable surfaces and a perfect finish to both exterior and interior spaces. Wall tiles are easy to care for, so they are perfect for high-traffic areas where dirt or moisture is present. Nowadays, tiles have greatly expanded and grabbed a huge range of applications, materials, designs, and patterns. Moreover, a wall tile differs from floor tiles as they are not load bearing, and the type of glaze used during the designing of these tiles differs and is usually not designed to resist wear.

Wall tiles are considered to be thinner and lighter than floor tiles and add up to the beauty of your home. Home decor is in a demanding position now that has evolved from varying wall paintings in caves to engraved wall art. Furthermore, the tiles are designed for areas of low traffic and are designed from hardened glaze that offers a good gloss finish that offers safety. Most durable and easy to clean tiles and serves as a better option for areas that experience moisture and water. Due to their lightweight, they possess a small size and thin texture that improves the overall home decor.

Types of wall tiles

It’s crucial to first recognize the enormous variety of materials that can be used to create tiles. There are several common types, though. Tiles are made from ceramic, stone, metal, glass, or different kinds of clay as durable materials. Although less typical, they can also be fashioned from lightweight materials like perlite or wood.

Glazed tiles

The tiles are preferably taken in use for wall applications and are usually porcelain and ceramic based. To produce tile that is dense, strong, and moisture-resistant, they are typically burned at a high temperature. Brighter colors are possible thanks to glazing, which can also produce a surface that looks like glass.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are made out of bits of glass that have been cut into regular shapes and colors. Both mosaic collections with a mesh backing and individual tiles are offered. In the kitchen or bathroom, glass wall tiles can be utilized to create a patterned or simple backsplash. Compared to many other tiles, glass wall tiles are far more stable, resilient, and moisture-resistant. Because they have a surface that is much less porous than ceramic tiles, they are also among the easiest tiles to clean. These attributes imply that they are not susceptible to excessive absorption of various contaminants.

Mosaic tiles

These are typically beautiful patterns composed of little pieces placed in a pattern or image. An inlay design pattern with tiles smaller than 22 is referred to as a mosaic. Each mosaic design is unique, using a variety of materials, colors, and tile shapes. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, including square, penny round, arabesque, chevron, and herringbone. Mosaic tiles are typically used for walls and backsplashes. Although mosaic tile can be used for flooring, this use is uncommon due to the difficulty of cleaning the numerous grout lines.

Wall tiles trends

Well, whether you want to create an avant-garde design or go for a classic look, the following trendy wall tiles will give you more than enough options to carry out your home décor dreams.

  • Tiles that resemble marble are always in style. These will give the rooms the appearance and texture of real marble at a reduced cost. This wall tile pattern gives the best representation of the minimalist style and elegance.
  • Due to the widespread case of cabin fever, wood-style tiles are currently fashionable. The room has a regal yet rustic ambiance thanks to the timber texture and matte finish.
  • The most contemporary kind of wall tiles is cement-styled tiles. If you live a high-decibel lifestyle, the modern designs and gray tones bring the metropolis to feel into your dwellings.
  • The finest showy wall tiling option for your bathroom and kitchen is naturally designed tiles. These utility facilities dare to blend in with the ornate decor of the main house thanks to the varied patterns and combined motifs.
  • Smooth-styled tiles will give your home the most opulent décor. Since these tiles are symmetrical and basic, they contrast beautifully with the decor in your home.

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